Matrix Face

The face is made of 8 8×8 rgb matrix controlled with arduino due

  • mouth 6 8×8 matrix
  • eyes 2 8×8 matrix

source :

hardware :

I created a logic to make an animation it is a link of pipe line factory, but I didn’t find a easier way

i would like to create easier way to manage it with raspberry and circuit python

WS2811 ledstrip body

There is around 5m ledstrip on the body

This programmed with arduino mega

source :

hardware :

Broken led problem

With my matrix I regulary have broken led that broke the matrix, as I m moving to rapsberry I ll use only one pin with the body and the face led together so it might be a big problem, it is probably due to poor electronics design, I need to improve this part

New Raspberry python program

I m building a python software with raspberry so I can create easier and better sequence, because currently it is a kind of pipeline factory