I would like to go further with the functionnalities, and i starting to hit my C programming capacities.

I moving to circuitpython programming. Functionnalities :

  • Audio key mapping
  • Neck control via arduino usb control
  • Face and led strip via pwm

source :

Wheels, head and lights animation

This is a tkinter application that generate json file readable by the robot program

I m using json file to store and read sequence informations

Face animation

I finish to build a first version of a face animation system.

It take a duration, 3 sequence of 2 eye and one month. I can choose the right picture at the right time

I have to create great new design, but I m not good to make images. I have to learn …

Video Remote Control

I m currently trying to install a camera on the robot readable but the remote software.

I would like also to hear what people say to the robot and respond.

If anywone have expériances with that I would be great full